Anne Heche obituary

Anne was born in Aurora, Ohio,

who was the youngest of five children born to Donald Heche, a choir director in fundamentalist churches, and his wife, Nancy 

which Anne described as "early compliant".

At age 12, Anne began working at a supper theater in Ocean City, New Jersey; She was the main breadwinner of the family for some time.

Anne Heche began acting in her teens, but despite her successes in television and film, and on stage, her career was marred by tragedy and controversy.

Heche, who died at the age of 53 after a car accident, came into limelight in the late 1990s as Ellen DeGeneres' girlfriend,

They split in 2000, and a year later, after marrying Coleman Laffoon, a cameraman who worked on DeGeneres' standup tour, Heche published a memoir, Call Me Crazy,

After an accident in Los Angeles on August 5 in which his car caught fire, Heche was hospitalized and spent nearly a week in a coma before being declared legally dead under California law on August 12

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