Leon Vitaly, Stanley Kubrick collaborator and Barry Lyndon actor, dies at 74

Vitaly, who quit acting to become a demanding director's right-hand man, died in Los Angeles on Friday

Vitaly died in Los Angeles on Friday, his family said on Sunday. He died peacefully surrounded by loved ones including his three children, Masha, Max and Vera.

Their children said, "Leon was a special and loving person driven by his curiosity, who spread love and warmth wherever he went.

“There are people we meet who have a profound impact on our lives. Leon Vitali was one such person in me,” Modin wrote.

"An artist in every aspect of his life. A loving father and friend to so many. A kind, generous and forgiving nature. He exemplified grace and personified."

In 1974 he was cast in Barry Lyndon as Lord Bullingdon, the son-in-law of Ryan O'Neill's title character.

After Kubrick's death in 1999, Vitaly oversaw the restoration of many of Kubrick's films and received a Cinema Audio Society award for his work.

Zira is working on a filmworker's director's cut that will include new footage that he and Vitaly wanted in the film but could not be in time for its Cannes debut in 2017.